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Synonyms for glissade

to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly

Words related to glissade

(ballet) a gliding or sliding step in ballet

perform a glissade, in ballet

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Glissade emphasizes layers of malt, with flavors reminiscent of freshly-baked bread and toasted nuts held in perfect balance by a touch of spicy and floral European hops.
Through the GLISSADE clinical study we have seen the potential of Glyder Facet Restoration, and understand the considerations for proper patient selection and use," stated Prof.
When you went across the floor doing tombe pas de bourree glissade jete in a gorgeous studio with gorgeous windows and live music, it's an exhilarating feeling--but for me, it was not," she continues.
Et apres le titre obtenu a Libreville contre la Cote d'Ivoire aux tirs au but l'annee derniere, la glissade est douloureuse pour les "Chipolopolos" du Francais Herve Renard, sans aucune victoire dans la CAN-2013.
The main boot track typically avoids crevasses, but some of the glissade paths down the snowfield might not.
Rising back to the grassy bank or glissade that the house stands on is a part of Wat's Dyke.
Learn the soubresaut (soo-brih-SOH), the glissade, and the saut de chat (soh-dih-SHAH), or "cat-jump", as well as many other moves.
Or as principal dancer Susan Jaffe explains: ``We do (the preparation steps) tombe, pas de bourree, glissade, assemble and then he puts his arm on my hip.
La prudence est de mise en raison du danger de glissade.
today announced the first public presentation of early data from GLISSADE, a prospective, 40-patient trial that studied the GLYDER Facet Restoration Device in the treatment of chronic facet joint pain.
Des performances encourageantes mais qui retardent simplement une nouvelle glissade a venir au classement.
You may be doing a glissade, but in musical theater there's a reason.
Faut-il, aujourd'hui, accabler cette equipe qui revient d'un Mondial et d'une CAN au motif de sa glissade sur la douce herbe du stade de Lekhwiya face a un Qatar qu'on dit amoindri ?
a medical device company, today announced that it has completed enrollment in the GLISSADE Trial, a prospective, 40-patient trial that studied the GLYDER Facet Resurfacing System in the treatment of chronic facetogenic pain.
Outre une remontee du billet vert et de la devise europeenne sur fond d'apaisement de la crise de la dette, la glissade bienvenue du yen est imputable aux propos du nouveau Premier ministre japonais, Shinzo Abe, qui a enjoint a la banque centrale de faire tourner plus vite la planche a billets.