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Synonyms for glimmering

a slight suggestion or vague understanding

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Then she was sure of her, and tasted hours of quiet, sad, delicious happiness; until -- perhaps with that perverse expression glimmering from beneath her opening lids -- little Pearl awoke!
And here my one glimmering streak of true consciousness came.
He saw the glimmering of a fire upon the old walls, and entered.
Hooper's forehead, and concealing every feature above his placid mouth, on which, at times, they could perceive the glimmering of a melancholy smile.
Here was impunity still, but impunity almost excessive; inasmuch as the side-lights and the high fantracery of the entrance were glimmering straight into the hall; an appearance produced, he the next instant saw, by the fact that the vestibule gaped wide, that the hinged halves of the inner door had been thrown far back.
As he walked, Pinocchio noticed a tiny insect glimmering on the trunk of a tree, a small being that glowed with a pale, soft light.
It seems as if I had looked at everything, hitherto, in broad daylight, or else in the ruddy light of a cheerful fire, glimmering and dancing through a room.
I fairly held my breath a minute, and even from my glimmering taper there was light enough to show how he smiled up at me from his pillow.
At the first faintest glimmering of the dawn, his iron voice was heard from aft -- Man the mast-heads
Children munching oranges, six thousand fans fluttering and glimmering, everybody happy, everybody chatting gayly with their intimates, lovely girl-faces smiling recognition and salutation to other lovely girl-faces, gray old ladies and gentlemen dealing in the like exchanges with each other - ah, such a picture of cheery contentment and glad anticipation
Yes, I perceived that a corner of the curtain in your window had been looped up and fastened to the cornice as I had suggested should be done; and it seemed to me that your dear face was glimmering at the window, and that you were looking at me from out of the darkness of your room, and that you were thinking of me.
Nevertheless, as this narrative will show later on, we betrayed glimmering adumbrations of the monogamy that was later to give power to, and make mighty, such tribes as embraced it.
He, too, remembered the lost pack and sought it, seeing the bare hills of snow and the stars glimmering overhead through the frosty darkness of night, hearing the faint answering howls from other hills as the pack assembled.
state; but in reality, that light was so faint and glimmering, and
Lights in the large room, and a fire glimmering in the best bedchamber?