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Synonyms for glimmering

a slight suggestion or vague understanding

References in classic literature ?
Hooper's forehead, and concealing every feature above his placid mouth, on which, at times, they could perceive the glimmering of a melancholy smile.
He even smiled again--that same sad smile, which always appeared like a faint glimmering of light, proceeding from the obscurity beneath the veil.
The tears were in Phoebe's eyes; a smile, dewy with affectionate regret, was glimmering around her pleasant mouth.
Then she was sure of her, and tasted hours of quiet, sad, delicious happiness; until -- perhaps with that perverse expression glimmering from beneath her opening lids -- little Pearl awoke!
Here was impunity still, but impunity almost excessive; inasmuch as the side-lights and the high fantracery of the entrance were glimmering straight into the hall; an appearance produced, he the next instant saw, by the fact that the vestibule gaped wide, that the hinged halves of the inner door had been thrown far back.
And here my one glimmering streak of true consciousness came.
He saw the glimmering of a fire upon the old walls, and entered.
The two men went from under the glimmering street-lamp and passed into shadows.
It is still very easy to believe in fairies when you see those goblin lanterns glimmering among the fir tassels.
They were kind when it occurred to them, simple even beyond the simplicity of a country lad like me, and had some glimmerings of honesty.
But she had, as I have told you, the glimmerings of a sense of humor--which is simply another name for a sense of fitness of things; and it suddenly occurred to her that that simple little prayer, sacred to white-robed childhood lisping at motherly knees, was entirely unsuited to this freckled witch of a girl who knew and cared nothing bout God's love, since she had never had it translated to her through the medium of human love.