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aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

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Te glider team consists of SSC Pacific, Portland State University and Applied Operations Research, Inc.
These requirements are met by a specially developed Glider Dynamic Testing System (GDTS) [7], which was used for performance of the glider tests.
Sugar gliders are very intelligent and make great companions," says Myers, adding that bonding is a crucial step in creating the full experience.
And for the rest of the day Peugeot sent several score of journalists up in gliders at the club in Stratford-upon-Avon without using a single drop of fuel.
Clearly, the "G" on glider pilots' wings stood for "Guts.
Ambulance staff immediately assessed the occupant of the glider, a man, but unfortunately it quickly became apparent that nothing could be done to save him.
The Navy will acquire underwater gliders to boost its oceanographic research efforts and to help improve the positioning of fleets during naval maneuvers.
Karl and John were demonstrating the glider for a month in the UK by visiting 20 clubs.
The tug's climb got the glider airborne quickly, primarily so they could both clear obstacles.
Hela's Glider Mouse offers a gel-filled wrist rest and 12 programmable click buttons, which include a scroll wheel, enabling the product to be customised to best suit the needs of the user.
The experienced Hawk pilot failed to spot the glider that had taken off from the Borders Glider Club at Milfield, Northumberland, and admitted that his miss was "one of the closest that he had seen in many years of military flying.
The summer begins with a hang glider crashing into the pool; when the hang gilder makes off with Dinah's inflatable turtle, she's immediately suspicious.
Bill Gagen walks around a sailplane before takeoff; sailplanes line up for launch; the view from a glider soaring over the U.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - A student glider pilot and an instructor were found safe Sunday after spending a freezing night in the mountains as a result of making an emergency landing in a canyon.