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aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

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Bush, respectively, sent a letter to Administrator Pruitt expressing deep concerns over EPAs failure to use the best science available in its decision to repeal the final glider regulations, stating, We are deeply troubled that the Agencys steadfast commitment to public health and environmental protection based on the best available science is being undermined.
Before its Indian Ocean mission, the glider also accomplished a three-month mission in the South China Sea in October 2017, when it reached a record distance of over 1,880 kilometers while collecting data for scientific research.
A glider has only a magnetic compass, an altimeter, and dead reckoning to guide it until it comes back to the surface to get a GPS fix.
A more relevant measure of propulsion efficiency is energy consumed per unit of distance travelled, he said, to which the Lift-to-Drag (L/D) ratio is directly related: "The flying wing concept maximizes L/D, so that gliders based on it consume less energy per horizontal distance travelled than any other comparably-sized glider travelling at a comparable speed.
The time constant of the temperature sensor from the optode is large (~15 s), even for the slow vertical velocity of the glider (-0.
Navy established Littoral Battlespace Sensing-Gliders (LBS) as a program of record in 2010 and has used gliders operationally since 2012.
The jet had been flying over Low Ellington, North Yorks, heading to RAF Leeming, and military air traffic controllers said the glider pilot had not told them his position.
So, armed only with grim determination, a few incomplete design drawings and some original bits, a small band of AGT volunteers set about the painstaking task of constructing the giant glider at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire.
Nobody has ever studied the gliders up here before," said CDU professor Sue Carthew, part of a team monitoring gliders via radio chips.
While a glider was connected to a tow plane, the noise was deafening.
In reaching the surface, the glider transmits recorded data via satellites and gets a new command- on what to do and where to sail.
Within minutes, the engineless glider aircraft is towed up in the air by a single-engine propeller plane.
A glider and a light aircraft came close to colliding over Arbroath, an official investigation has found.
Ronald Bartley, who died aged 90 in 2008, was a glider pilot who took off from RAF Harwell but plummeted into an orchard.
23 April 2014 - US cloud-based sales enablement solutions firm FPX LLC said it had taken over domestic sales contract management and sales visibility software provider Secure Document Technology Corp, doing business as Glider, without specifying the purchase price.