glide path

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the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

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The airport had a glide-slope indicator to ensure planes descended at the correct angle.
Nor was it immediately known whether the airport in Medan, the main city in northern Sumatra, was equipped with a simple beacon or the more advanced glide-slope indicator that guides an incoming plane to the runway.
He criticized my "random radar" GCA saying that I was "a little rough on the glide-slope control.
I set up for a three-degree, glide-slope approach, and touched down on-speed with about 1,500 pounds.
This situation was significant because our ship's stabilized, glide-slope indicator was inoperative, and NATOPS only allows night flight ops with a degraded lighting system when a natural, visible horizon is present.
This information was disheartening, to say the least, considering I had not heard any previous glide-slope calls from my controller.