glide slope

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the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

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CATCC is instructed to keep glide slope and azimuth calls coming until the aircraft reaches weather minimums.
About 5 miles out, still feet wet, we intercepted glide slope and I began descending -- relying upon what I did not recognize at the time was mostly visual cues (but not the visual approach slope indicator) from the runway -- DANGER Will Robinson
Additional preferred items: lighted signing, taxiway edge lights and glide slope indicator.
The runway threshold could have been put in the flight plan much earlier (it was in at about two miles to touch down), and would have given the pilot a better indicator of his initial glide slope as we came in on a six-mile final.
Under the terms of the contract, API and TM Systems will manufacture two Stabilized Glide Slope Indicators (SGSI) and Vertical Reference Systems (VRS).
On final approach the copilot, who was at the controls, began a descent rate to establish the aircraft on glide slope for landing.
One of the modifications will be the replacement of the "endfire" glide slope antenna with a "capture effect" antenna which will improve the reliability of the system during snow events.
The 3-minute long mash-up video features unique footage from the Emirates A380 flight deck, including a rainy approach to San Francisco, a rousing water cannon salute in Frankfurt, a night time touchdown in Mumbai and a glide slope landing view from London Gatwick.
As he set up on final, he kept drifting low on glide slope, and I asked him once more to verify he felt OK to land; he responded with a double-click and an increase in power as he came up on glide slope.
Steep approaches are classified as those with a glide slope of greater than 4.
National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO), one of the largest new construction shipyards in the United States and a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, exercised a contract option to purchase three additional Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI) systems.
We are pleased to announce the award of contracts to provide localizer (LOC) and distance measuring equipment (DME) to two airports in Illinois and glide slope equipment to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Four external professional pilots from Air Berlin and Volkswagen and three DLR test pilots each carried out 11 descents into Frankfurt Airport in the A320 cockpit under varying conditions, such as different wind speeds and glide slope angles.
Once past the buildings, I returned to runway centerline and received the call that I was "well above glide slope.
A Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator system for a ship being constructed by NASSCO for the U.