glide slope

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the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

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I work my butt off to stay on speed, line up, and glide slope.
Each pilot experienced a glide slope failure once during each of the experimental sessions.
Last night an official stressed that the absence of the glide slope was "not unusual".
With the technology, we decoupled the glide slope, angle of attack and line up into three separate pieces," said Capt.
As my hand almost subconsciously moved slightly aft to recenter the ball and return to glide slope, the jet quickly adjusted back to glide slope against my intent.
However, AIM 1-1-9 d tells us, "False glide slope signals may exist in the area of the localizer back course approach which can cause the glide slope flag alarm to disappear and present unreliable glide slope information.
Lee Kang Kuk was using a visual approach the day of the accident because the instrument landing system's glide slope, which helps line up the correct path to the runway, was closed for construction.
It is now possible to increase the glide slope angle at all four of Frankfurt's runways from 3 degrees to 3.
This does not apply to the LNAV+V approach where the glide slope provided is advisory only, and does not guarantee obstacle clearance throughout the approach.
The steep approach procedure was reportedly developed especially for operating at the London airport because its instrument landing requires a glide slope of 5.
Taken in the aggregate, a harmonization of requirements and production rates will lead to a gradual downsizing of the base, preferably on a glide slope lasting several years.
Furthermore, the landing distance, taking into account the inability to fly a shallow glide slope at night and having to cross the threshold higher than the recommended 2 to 4 feet, was nearly 80 percent of the runway available.
A landing system, known as the glide slope, which leads planes to the runway has not been in service at the airport since last month, it was confirmed.
Dang, that's practically like real IF&R, so down he goes through the clag, riding the localizer like a horizontal pole dancer but unsure how that glide slope needle worked.