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the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

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If someone knowledgeable, such as Shambo, can conclude, "Hell no," to a higher equity glide path, and if brilliant researchers can reach different conclusions on the same topic, then we, as advisers, must take all of these opinions and distill them into the advice and counsel that we provide to our older and retired clients so they will be able to come to their own conclusions about portfolio allocation.
Average industry glide paths -- the outline of a target-date fund's changes in its stock and bond balance over time -- should reasonably meet the typical worker's spending needs in retirement.
With stark variations in glide path stability, performance and risk between fund families and within providers' own offerings, we felt it was necessary to evolve the way these offerings are evaluated," said Jeff Schwartz, Managing Director, MPI.
Evaluating the use the glide path approach to reducing termination rates to the required levels
Speth said, 'We're absolutely in our glide path to make the decision by the end of this year, but we cannot say when we will be able to start production in China.
It has taken us some time to unwind from our existing commercial agreements with our advertising contractors, but we now have a glide path for full withdrawal of these arrangements.
The ILS uses multiple radio frequencies emitted by two components: a localiser and a glide path.
Both plan sponsors and service providers oppose heavy-handed mandates, particularly with regard to the target-date funds' glide path.
If your clients are now behind in their savings, continued participation in a target-date fund and its glide path toward a more and more conservative allocation may not get them to their goal.
The LLC tax has appeared on the glide path to repeal since The Telegraph first reported in early March that Gov.
But he said the March 7 date "ended up being one that we can handle and still stay on our glide path.
Garrett Richter (R-Naples), said in October that legislators may need to spend time in the spring 2010 session deciding whether or not the glide path passed just months ago actually makes sense.
During WWII he was test engineer on the Glide Path portion of the Instrument Landing System and when RADAR came into its own, he worked on the famous Ground Controlled Approach System for the Army Air Force.
Vilsack has pledged to work with members of Congress to "create some kind of glide path that provides some stability" as milk prices continue to plummet.