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a kind of fluent easy superficiality

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If Mercier's approach veers at times toward glibness, he is unquestionably traveling a road lined with interesting sights.
Known for generating controversy and launching investigations into county dealings, Ward's maverick style and TV newsman's glibness created a lot of political enemies.
In the current supercharged climate there's no room for this kind of glibness,'' Valenti said of the remarks.
The film is flawed in a number of ways, veering into melodrama at times to elicit emotional response and too often opting for glibness rather than striving for real insights.
He's got the well-lubed glibness and near-pathological responsibility avoidance we've come to expect from our chief executive down disconcertingly well, and whenever Stanton loses control, Travolta is truly frightening.
But the appearance has aides worried since the mayor is not particularly known for his glibness, and reading directly from text is never easy - even for polished performers.
It has the sleek, finished look of ``Entertainment Tonight,'' the glibness of TV personalities and old-fashioned civic boosterism.
There are racing writers who scorn his glibness and suspect his motives as shameless self-promotion.
It will be affected by the price of food and by the glibness of promises.
Though self-controlled, when pressed more deeply by the media about the Pandora's Box of harmful consequences the amendment would open, Burton's responses suggested a kind of innocent glibness, showing that she was incapable or unwilling to acknowledge the amendment's vast potential problems.
Former US defence secretary Robert Gates wrote in his memoir: "I was offended by his glibness and his criticism of US policy, his arrogance and outlandish ambition - and I told national security adviser Brent Scowcroft that Bibi (Netanyahu) ought not be allowed back on White House grounds.
With her glibness she will become their best friend very quickly.
When he writes to Puchberg, "I now stand at the gateway to my fortune", it is not with the glibness of the practised borrower but with a quiet sense of unassailable confidence that derives in part from his heightened sense of artistic self-awareness and also from his relatively newfound status as a court composer.
He is righteously indignant about the looseness and glibness with which our dominant intellectual, political, and journalistic elites use the words democracy and liberalism as suitcase words.
Eliot after Beerbohm"--but he constructed, with that glibness so natural to him, a grand conspiracy theory according to which the twice-married Gentile Beerbohm--of mixed Dutch, German and Lithuanian blood--was both Jewish and homosexual.