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Synonyms for glib-tongued

artfully persuasive in speech

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A chance encounter in the school corridor sees Will totally mesmerised by the glib-tongued Lee who, in turn, takes the opportunity to scam this naive youngster into handing over his dad's watch so he can give it to his brother as a present.
Political activist turned politics lecturer Leon (Michael Gunn) - whose Poll Tax protest once landed him in prison - is outraged while daughter Rosa, an ambitious New Labour MP who is having an affair with the sharp-suited and glib-tongued Home Secretary (Jonathan Hansler), puts aside family loyalties to toe the party line.
It is an expression used to describe a glib-tongued conman trying to work a dodge.
Fernand Bernadi's tall and lanky, glib-tongued Bartolo was an effective contrast and complement to the orotund-voiced, sassy Marcellina of Susan Nicely Megan Monaghan was a gracefully sung Barbarina.
WALTER Matthau is superb as a glib-tongued former trade unionist who likes nothing better than wading in everywhere to fight on behalf of the common man.