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Oramo subtly combined a Palestrinian purity with an elfin gleefulness in his interpretation of the Sixth Symphony, superbly structured and keeping both past and present elements in tensile balance.
Tracy Vogt, as the Bride, embodied the gleefulness and optimism of young love, and Elizabeth Flynn tempered her portrayal of the sturdy Pioneering Woman with a sense of vulnerability and lament.
There is a cartoon-like gleefulness in this, a grotesque excess in the language that actually reduces its shock value by taking it out of the realm of the real.
Her paintings are vibrant and whimsical while often depicting the gleefulness of everyday scenes, such as a picnic at the shore, shopping, or a group of boys tossing a ball around.
What you don't have working for ``Impostor,'' however, is the visual elegance of a director like Ridley Scott or the twisted gleefulness of a Paul Verhoeven.