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Synonyms for gleefully

in a joyous and gleeful manner

References in classic literature ?
she cried, laughing gleefully, "verily do I believe I have captured the wild Norman of Torn, for this very knight, who styles himself Roger de Conde, fights as I ne'er saw man fight before, and he rode with his visor down until I chid him for it.
She was naively delighted over this, and gleefully recounted each new conquest to Anne and Priscilla, with comments that might have made the unlucky lover's ears burn fiercely.
It sure beats poker," Daylight whispered gleefully to himself, as he noted the perturbation he was causing.
And Bashti, who had never feared death all his long life and who had laughed a joke with his forefinger blown off by the bursting flint-lock pistol, smiled gleefully to himself, for his glee was intellectual and in admiration of this half-grown puppy whom he rapped on the nose with a short, hardwood stick and compelled to keep distance.
Talk about your rough-houses," Matt murmured gleefully, standing in the doorway and looking on.
Once--and now, after the long lapse of time, he chuckled gleefully at the recollection--he had detected a shadow above him that came to instant rest as he turned his gaze upward.
And a moment later he was gleefully crying: "What'd I tell you, eh?
The old man rubbed his hands gleefully together, as he corroborated the Dodger's reasoning in these terms; and chuckled with delight at his pupil's proficiency.
Cocks and hens," cried the little girl gleefully, pointing at their ill-omened forms, and clapping her hands to make them rise.
Don't mention it, don't mention it," Porfiry replied, almost gleefully.
CDATA[ The government is freeing the terrorist who gleefully waved his bloody hands after the lynch of two soldiers.
Foul-mouthed and gleefully violent, Perrier's Bounty is an edgy black comedy about one man's turbulent journey through the lawless streets of Dublin.
The first: Why, after nearly 90 minutes of splattering limbs, cat-fighting hookers and characters gleefully being set afire, does Carnahan suddenly decide to veer into operatic Michael Mann territory, focusing on previously foreign concepts such as ``honor'' and ``morality''?
This young Emerald City quartet (featuring out bassist-keyboard player Brian Cook) will pop your head off like the bloom on a dandelion and set you flailing about gleefully.
Pound is gleefully gathering power so he can rule the universe himself.