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someone who cuts flat glass to size

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Only 51% described correctly what welders did, along with 48% for glaziers and 39% for dredgers, the study by building insurance site constructaquote.
The competition has as its object the works Glaziers for New Home Elderly 2 in Bellinzona
But the glaziers never managed to reproduce it and today the bowl has pride of place at an exhibition paying tribute to a golden age of 20th century glassmaking through the experimental work of architect Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978).
Designed to be the country's leading training facility for the finishing trades, it will develop advanced skills for residential and commercial painters, industrial painters, drywall finishers, paperhangers and glaziers.
The Glaziers have been longtime friends and colleagues of mine, and have built an impressive brand that I am excited to make part of the BR Guest Family.
SHOPKEEPERS in Birmingham city centre issued desperate pleas for glaziers to secure retail outlets that had been attacked by looters.
Further support has come from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Glass Painters in London, who recognised the window as a rare surviving example of William Price's work, and offered pounds 5,000.
Glaziers cut and install new glass panes and other glazing materials on a range of commercial, industrial and domestic premises.
Glaziers start on around pounds 11,500 and pounds 14,500 a year rising to around pounds 19,500 with experience.
The only people who will benefit will be the glaziers.
But the Glaziers wanted to avoid an artificial, theme park look.
The team, which includes plumbers, electricians, carpenters and glaziers, carry out day-to-day emergency and routine repairs at Whitefriars homes across the city.
The NFL has continued discussions with the glaziers, who have been trying for years to unload the former toxic-dump site on which the league is considering building a new stadium.
Polytechnic Institute suggested in the Journal of Chemical Education that definitive proof might require an instruction book written in the Middle Ages advising glaziers to install glass panes with the thick end at the bottom.