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having a frosted look from a powdery coating, as on plants

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The entire global population of the Glaucous Gull Larus hyperboreus (Fig.
Isolates came from 2 of 33 sampled glaucous gulls, a species confined to the Arctic regions, that have limited southbound migration during the nonbreeding season.
lockischmitidae mainly by its much larger size, longer leaves, green scape and rachis, scape bracts with stellate trichomes, larger branch number, glaucous and shorter floral pedicels, sepals widely elliptic and petals narrowly elliptic.
Studies on glaucous gulls (Larus hyperboreus) breeding in the Barents Sea have reported that high blood levels of halogenated organic contaminants in this species might cause reproductive, behavioral, and developmental stress.
elsewhere, including heavily dentate-lobed leaflets, glaucous leaves,
The apparent sliminess of these skins, the peristaltic undulations of the more convoluted, sausagelike forms, and the glaucous tints of what, if they were healthy organs, would normally blush red, purple, or blue lend his iconography in all its permutations a repellent, if not morbid, aura.
Latin America's glaucous macaw has probably become extinct during the past 50 years.
She mourns the paradise parrot, the glaucous macaw, the pig-footed bandicoot, and the Jamaican giant galliwisp, along with the better-known passenger pigeon and dodo, all laid low by humans wrecking their habitats, introducing predators and diseases, or just hunting them down.
Simon Farrell, defending, asked: "Are you familiar with, say, the glaucous macaw, Lear's macaw or blue-headed macaws?
Previous experimental studies have shown that Glaucous Gulls, because of their large size, find it difficult to attack narrow cliff ledges, and that they are constrained by murre defense when they attack exposed murre eggs (Gilchrist and Gaston 1997).
Huge clumps of glaucous, succulent leaves, pointed at the ends, support extraordinary flower spikes.
Rapidly they open, the frilliest of all leaves, into a ground-hugging rosette, their colour gradually bleaching to glaucous grey-blue, their leaves becoming thicker and more succulent.
At a rapid (some would say alarming) pace, its stout stems shoot up, with wavy-edged, glaucous leaves and lateral shoots, all terminating in plump, dimpled buds.