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a green mineral consisting of hydrated silicate of potassium or iron or magnesium or aluminum

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Those interbeds might also contain a higher amount of other minor authigenic compounds typical of GA--phosphates (mainly apatite as biogenic detritus and nodules), carbonates (calcite and dolomite as cement and concretions), barite and glauconite.
0 net) wells at Gilby targeting the Edmonton, Glauconite and Ellerslie formations, and three (3.
They were deposited under anoxic conditions as evidenced by a lack of borers, a paucity of other benthic organisms, and the presence of pyrite and glauconite within the specimens.
The consolidated sands have a calcareous matrix, shale fragments and Glauconite occur while Lignite streaks and Limonite are common.
Geologists speculated that the materials might be colored by deposits of glauconite (K[(Fe,Mg,Al).
Features preserved in the material just beneath each sheet of glauconite appear to be burrows, possibly left by sediment-dwelling invertebrates.
1991, The significance of Rb-Sr glauconite ages, Bonneterre Formation, Missouri: Late Devonian-early Mississippian brine migration in the midcontinent, Journal of Geology, v.
Accessory minerals include feldspars, altered micas, zeolites and nascent glauconite.
Pebble-size breccia in the lower 7 cm of the lithofacies grades up over 15 cm into a dark gray skeletal packstone containing pyrite, glauconite pellets, and phosphatic debris.
The well was drilled out then cased as an oil well and stimulated with a 40 tonne frac which resulted in a productive response from the Glauconite formation.
After swirling sediment and water on a glass slide, drying the sample on a hot plate, and covering it with optical cement or Canada balsam, I'd examine it under a microscope to estimate its sand, silt, and clay content, and then the composition percentage of such elements as quartz, feldspar, mica, glauconite, and various microfossils such as foraminifera, nannofossils, diatoms, and radiolaria.
Endeavor's prospects are in the middle Mannville Glauconite formation and the Lower Mannville sands.
Sledy razmyva i vnutriplastovye narusheniya v glaukonitovykh izvestnyakakh nizhnego silura Leningradskoj oblasti [Traces of erosion and intrastratal dislocations in Lower Silurian glauconite sandstones of Leningrad region].