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an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness)

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Treatment of glaucoma aims to lower the internal pressure of the eye and prevent any loss of vision, or any further deterioration in the vision.
She highlighted that risk factors for the disease include being over the age of 40, having a family member with glaucoma, being of African or Hispanic heritage, having diabetes, having high eye pressure, having a history of elevated intraocular pressure, being farsighted or nearsighted, having poor circulation, or having other health problems that affect the whole body.
Conventional glaucoma surgeries such as trabeculectomy and tube shunt implantation can effectively reduce the IOP and the use of glaucoma medications but also have significant complications.
Around one in every 1,000 children are born with congenital glaucoma in the UAE, which is not common; but when it happens, it needs to be treated right away.
The estimated prevalence of glaucoma for India was 11.
Nazeer Leghari informed that due to the silent progression of the disease at least in its early stages up to 50 percent of affected persons in the developed countries were not even aware of having glaucoma.
The CyPass Micro-Stent, implanted just below the surface of the eye, is uniquely designed to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma.
African Americans are also at higher risk--they are six to eight times more likely to develop glaucoma than other races.
Additional information about activities to promote early detection and treatment of glaucoma is available (http://www.
The study indicated that the awareness level about glaucoma was low especially about the recognition of high-risk groups and symptoms.
The increase in the number of total prevalent cases of glaucoma in the 7MM can be attributed to changing population demographics in the respective markets.
Currently, the approved treatments for glaucoma include a pharmaceutical drug, glaucoma laser therapies, and surgical procedures.
If initially left the eye-sight disease untreated, most of types glaucoma will progress towards worsening visual damage which finally become cause of the sightlessness.
Our World Glaucoma Week campaign highlights the importance of prevention and early detection of glaucoma, and supports HMC's agenda for promoting eye health in Qatar, where glaucoma is a major cause of blindness in the population," said Dr Zakia Mohamed al-Ansari, glaucoma specialist at HMC.
Unfortunately, glaucoma usually offers no early warning signs, so it's vital to have regular eye exams and adhere to treatments to prevent the stealth disease from robbing your vision and leaving you in the dark.