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not furnished with glass


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The Samsung Gulf official said glassless 3D TVs will take a few more years to hit the retail market.
So on my first morning, when I pulled back the tiny wooden shutter from the glassless window of my bedroom, the gush of warm air off the olive tree-strewn landscape was as welcome as a cold glass of prosecco.
A bunch of multicoloured carnations adorn its glassless windows.
The 6m x 2m glassless mirrors will be used by the Weinstein Company to form the backdrop to the feature-length film adaptation which is set to hit screens in 2009.
De Beer's installation consists of multiple projections and C-print stills partially glimpsed through the glassless windows of a large white cutout house, though the entire film is also screened in another area.
But something mysterious went wrong with the construction, and so it slowly crumbles, mocking with its hundreds of glassless windows the tongue that commanded its construction and the mind that conceived it.
In seconds, the gunmen broke through the wooden slats of the glassless windows and entered the house.
wears a simple and elegant crown at its top, an extension of brick that rises about 10 feet above the rest of the building and is pierced by a glassless window.
Durafet III Glassless pH electrode eliminates problems commonly associated with traditional glass electrodes, such as fragility, poor response and frequent replacement.
But now, the lodgings of the poor sometimes seem more stable than the palaces, where you can often look through glassless windows and see the sky because the roofs were blown off in 1943, and the owners have never had the will or money to restore them.
We admired the view of distant trees through glassless windows and I tried to convince myself that yes, of course I would get all my husband's books, records and pictures in as well as myself and his dog.
Whack it into first, then second and third with clutchless upward changes and it's not just the gale howling through the glassless windows that lets you know you're motoring.
The dereliction of this landscape is familiar to me from fairly recent hulks of bombed-out factories in Belfast; I could be at home in it, wandering its roofless arcades, looking out of glassless windows, squatting by a heap of rubbled bricks, contemplating their baroque, accidental architecture, imagining myself to be of toy-soldier size in order to crawl into its fractured interstices.
At one home, shirts flapped from their hangers in a closet that had lost its walls, and curtains waved like pennants through yawning, glassless windows.