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not furnished with glass


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High up in one building curtains billow from glassless windows and gusts of wind slam doors at irregular intervals.
Toshiba introduced glassless and 4K 3D display for medical treatment.
The windows of apartment blocks were blank and glassless, curtains drifting in the breeze.
Users have found the experience of using glasses to view 3D television uncomfortable, which is why the final frontier for this form would be when manufacturers are able to come out with glassless 3D viewing.
The Samsung Gulf official said glassless 3D TVs will take a few more years to hit the retail market.
So on my first morning, when I pulled back the tiny wooden shutter from the glassless window of my bedroom, the gush of warm air off the olive tree-strewn landscape was as welcome as a cold glass of prosecco.
A bunch of multicoloured carnations adorn its glassless windows.
The paper path for all models is designed to eliminate creasing and skewing during the scan, and even if the quality and size varies within a batch being scanned, the glassless paper transport system will handle the changes effortlessly.
A useful development is the glassless carrier (Figure 1), which eliminates any risk of counting particles on the glass surface or crushing particles beneath it.
The 6m x 2m glassless mirrors will be used by the Weinstein Company to form the backdrop to the feature-length film adaptation which is set to hit screens in 2009.
De Beer's installation consists of multiple projections and C-print stills partially glimpsed through the glassless windows of a large white cutout house, though the entire film is also screened in another area.
But something mysterious went wrong with the construction, and so it slowly crumbles, mocking with its hundreds of glassless windows the tongue that commanded its construction and the mind that conceived it.
Under barred, glassless windows grew troughs of fleshy exotic flowers.
It was as if the thousands of crushed and incinerated men, women, and children--those who threw themselves into a quarter-mile abyss rather than have the flesh seared off their bones as they stood in the wind at glassless walls, the small children who died in terror after watching hysterical fanatics slit the throats of screaming stewardesses, and so on, for there are almost three thousand stories--simply did not exist.