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Generally ambient ground crumb will have a greater surface area and so have better physical keying than the smoother, glassier surface of cryogenically ground crumb.
True, the Brit's chin is glassier than our conservatory but Barrera is no longer fast enough to hit it.
The Decca was slightly foggier, duller, glassier, and less dimensional.
As a result, this part of the structure has a lighter and glassier feeling than does the base of the building.
Gillespie, who has studied extensively in pastry, chocolates, olive oil, bistronomy, and cheese with the likes of Herve Mons, Max McCalman, Stephane Glassier, and at ONAOO, the French Pastry School and Ducasse Education.
Yes columns, like ceiling heights and windows, can create challenges to conversions that can compete with glass towers, but it is here where the Sheffield has used its limitations to create a supreme advantage over its newer, glassier competition.
A glassier, blue-tinged appearance maybe found in cases with chondroid metaplasia.