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Synonyms for glassful

the quantity a glass will hold


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Mr Squeers treated himself to a stiff tumbler of brandy and water, made on the liberal half-and-half principle, allowing for the dissolution of the sugar; and his amiable helpmate mixed Nicholas the ghost of a small glassful of the same compound.
Tell me what you're doing," he went on, greedily munching a piece of bread, and pouring out another glassful.
I should think she would better punish Diana for being so greedy as to drink three glassfuls of anything," said Marilla shortly.
I drank sherry and Lafitte by the glassful in my discomfiture.
Lady Lydiard, in the act of pouring out a second glassful of beer, suddenly set down the jug.
On the twelfth day my throat was so painful that, taking the chance of alarming the Martians, I attacked the creaking rain-water pump that stood by the sink, and got a couple of glassfuls of blackened and tainted rain water.
It inserts a tiny needle through the cork and into the wine, allowing you to take just a glassful (or two).
WATER FOR THE SOUL Reading Through the Journey of Hope is like tasting a glassful of satisfying, cold clean water that cuts deep into your heart.
Meanwhile, Cardiff officials have launched a probe after a fan at the Arms Park chucked a glassful of beer over assistant ref George Clancy during the tussle with Glasgow.
Reports said when the youth asked for a glass of water, the girl's relatives served him a glassful of acid and also poured acid in his eyes, blinding him.
She answered this by drinking the half glassful of liquor as Tatum, sitting beside her, could barely contain his laughter.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 11, 2016-Good Company Wines Acquires Wine Club Company Glassful
They are an integral part of a Punjabi breakfast and are also relished with a glassful of fresh lassi (buttermilk).
Put an egg cup measure of peach schnapps into a blender; add five measures of mango juice and a good glassful of crushed ice and give it a whizz for a couple of seconds.