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someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass

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The clincher came when Annmarie Nobile, New England account manager for famed glassblower Simon Pearce, whose wares long had been carried at the shop, offered to serve as retail consultant.
Unlike the days when a glassblower had to work in a factory with a rigid specialization of duties, the development of small studios liberated individual creativity.
Since then, the glassblowers, technicians and designers on staff have continuously sought out new treatments for the medium.
I don't know about you, but I love the idea of being a glassblower AND a physicist, as if one, alone, just wasn't enough.
WATERY VISITOR: One of the tall ships heading for Waterford in July and ( left) a skilled glassblower at the world famous Waterford Crystal factory
Take the case of glassblower Dominic Fonde from the town's tourist attraction, The World of Glass.
While fairegoers still will be able to wander the waterfront market stalls and watch the papermaker and glassblower at work, take in the Queen's Royal Joust and munch on shepherd's pye and spicy gingerbread men, there are several new features to mark the royal birthday, Rivetti said.
Eventually, he became a skilled glassblower and now exclusively blows and decorates each one of his annual Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments.
Every Friday and Saturday evening, Eugene glassblower Conrad Williams keeps the doors open at Studio West, the downtown glass-blow ing studio and art gallery that he and his photographer wife, Erin Dougherty Williams, have opened on West Eighth Avenue, just a stone's throw from the Hult Center.
Just ask 27-year-old Meg McGregor, who lives in Cirencester, and who has chosen a career as a glassblower - a trade that has been around since Roman times.
After growing up in South Africa she's just landed the job of her dreams as a glassblower as one of three resident glass artists at The World of Glass, St Helens.
once again crossed paths, as the doughty director took the cameras into the workshop of a master Venetian glassblower, sculpting glass into the nude figure of another "Lucinda" actress.
A few stalls away, Samuel, a bearded glassblower with a big grin, used an acetylene torch to melt rods of glass, taking five minutes or less to add tourists' names to fragile sculptures of whales, elephants, birds and other creatures he had already crafted.
An affinity for fire and a creative spirit are key traits for any glassblower.