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someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass

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The environmental engineer even helped the traditional glassblower with some "funky designs" -- simple and sleek styles that he thought would appeal to younger as well as foreign customers with a taste for minimalist looks -- in addition to some of the more ornate pieces that he has been doing for years.
So the glassblower doesn't have to get so near the furnace.
THE GLASSBLOWER OF MURANO by Marino Fiorato (Beautiful Books, pounds 7.
Aspiring glassblowing artists not only have Anoka-Ramsey Community College as the only accredited college in Minnesota to pursue an associate in fine arts degree, they now may qualify for financial assistance, thanks to master glassblower and college faculty member Bob Toensing.
enhanced with contributions from more than fifty artists, "Team Chihuly" photographically documents in full color the relationship and development between master glassblower Dale Chihuly and such other respected artists as Dante Marioni, Benjamin More, William Morris, and Richard Royal, as well as the Italian master glass artists Pino Signoretto and Lino Tagliapietra.
VANISHING ART: Glassblower Tommy Bulmer at Corning, which has already announced its closure.
Doris, who has over the years worked as a glassblower and seamstress, remained in her Bell Green home until the age of 92, before moving to the home.
In addition to Heath dinnerware and accessories, the company will also be featuring table linens from Los Angeles-based Dosa Designs and beverageware and giftware from Seattle-based glassblower Esque Designs.
Engagingly write by Kathleen Killion and superbly enhanced with the watercolor artwork of Gary Lang, The Glass Heart is the story of a young girl who asked a glassblower to make her a new, beautiful, jeweled glass hart.
Mr Kaye, 73, who is originally from Barnsley, worked as a glassblower when he left school and for five years at Monk Bretton and Grimethorpe collieries.
The exhibition displays the work of glassblower and homebrewer Don Mirer, in which he explore, the possibilities in design and functionality of beer bottles.
Artists currently on exhibit are Roxie Munro, illustrator, painter and a prolific cover artist for The New Yorker magazine, Michael Davis, stained glass artist and glassblower, whose glasswork is sold regularly at Tiffany & Co.
She is visiting the exotic city of Tharios--reminiscent of India with its many classes of people and strong beliefs about untouchables, purity and pollution--when she encounters a talented, tormented journeyman glassblower named Kethlun Tris recognizes his magic and is therefore obligated to take him on as a student.
You have to think like your material," says the spunky woman, the state's only glassblower.
Her father, Lin, was a glassblower, and Shang helped him, even though her sight was poor.