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Synonyms for glass-cutter

someone who cuts or grinds designs on glass


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someone who cuts flat glass to size

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The victims were identified as Babar Noman, a garment worker, and Hafiz Naeem, a glass-cutter.
Derby coroner's court heard that glass-cutter Mr McKenna, 35, had worked at Build Center Glass in Derby for 10 years before the accident in 2009.
Night In high spirits raised by absinthe and gin, the two jokers went to work just after midnight, sneaking from the moonlit Adelphi Hotel START: The Adelphi equipped with a glass-cutter and other tools of the burglar's trade, and within the hour they had entered Mr Emidy's Anatomy Museum, where a banner proclaimed, "Man Know Thyself" stretching across a hall filled with 450 detailed wax models depicting every disgusting infection, disease and medical condition that the organs of humans are heir to.
Unable to pry out the remaining half-cork, he and his friends resort to a glass-cutter to open the bottle.
Glass-cutter David, from Pencoed, may buy a new van.