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glass fibers spun and massed into bundles resembling wool

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Demand for and production of insulation material are examined in detail, split by the products EPS, XPS, PUR, glass wool, and rock wool.
Certain inhalable glass wool fibers, which have been redefined to include only fibers that can enter the respiratory tract, are highly durable, and remain in the lungs for long periods of time.
Not all glass wool or man-made fibers were found to be carcinogenic, NTP said in announcing the report's release.
Six other substances - captafol, cobalt-tungsten carbide (in powder or hard metal form), certain inhalable glass wool fibers, o-nitrotoluene, riddelliine, and styrene - are added as substances that are reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens.
Its efficiency of insulation outperforms 38 times that of glass wool and approximately 20 times that of polyurethane foam, with the rate of decrease in heat conduction at .
GWF glass wool with high maximum service temperature, heat-resistant glass wool
Furthermore, in recent years, emphasis has been placed on reducing the environmental burden through life cycle assessment, leading to a demand for novel, bio-based materials to replace those such as glass wool.
The roof has 100 mm of insulation between the eaves and we are putting 300 mm of glass wool insulation between the ceiling joists so the house will be so well insulated that it will hardly ever need heating", says Russell.
Floor is also insulated with expanded plastic, and ceiling - with glass wool.
249) describe a 36-year old man who presented with multiple bilateral pulmonary nodular opacities and difficulty breathing on exertion following 7 years of unprotected occupational exposure to glass wool fibers and coating materials.
Using both industrial products including polystyrene and glass wool, and organic matter such as oyster shells and wood, Panchal tends to the unique physical demands of each object.
The court at Ticino in southern Switzerland even stipulated that the box, in which the chicken must be kept from 10pm to 7am, should be at least eight centimetres thick and insulated with glass wool.
Isover is a leader within its field of insulation solutions and the only supplier in Sweden to offer a complete range of insulation products with glass wool, stone wool, and cellular plastics.
3] sulphuric acid as the eluting agent was varied from 5 to 15 mL using glass wool as support for alumina.
The Stirling-based company is the second largest manufacturer and supplier of glass wool thermal insulation products in the UK and has approximately a 23 per cent market share.