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Synonyms for X-ray

electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

examine by taking x-rays

Related Words

take an x-ray of something or somebody

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A further 40 tiny glass shards, matching glass from the crime scene, were found on carpets in his car.
It does away with dirty buckets, smelly mop heads and waiting for floors to dry by locking the fluid - and glass shards if a bottle has been broken - speedily into a gel.
The show also ran off some network summer air time by presenting a magnetic family with steam irons clanked upon their chests, a guy who built a suit in which he could be hit by trucks, another who put poisonous snakes up his nose and removed them through his mouth, and a woman who weeps glass shards for tears.
Two layers of plastic are laminated to a single layer of glass with the plastic on the inside, protecting passengers from glass shards from exterior impact and from the potential of ejection in the event of a roll-over accident.
We were in his flight path and copped a shower of glass shards.
Bell's Stores acted when Ethan Chapman was taken to hospital with blood pouring from his mouth when the glass shards cut through his teat and gashed him.
Boric acid was found in a jar of horseradish and in a container of infant formula, and glass shards were found in a jar of carrots.
I would like to invite you inside," the 60-year-old man said with a smile of the heartbroken as he motioned toward four burned-out rooms carpeted by glass shards and shattered bricks that once served as the roof.
At one point, he stopped to pull glass shards out of one man's leg.
It takes a special kind of mindless moron to plant glass shards on a kids' football pitch.
OPTI TUBE[TM] is a robust alternative solution with excellent optical and thermal properties that eliminates the dangers of glass breakage and minimizes the risk of laboratory personnel exposure to potentially dangerous samples and glass shards.
Last night glass shards remained strewn across the pavement as forensics teams began combing the area for evidence and officers spoke to witnesses.
The recycled glass shards are rolled to soften their edges before they are used as decorative features.
Tests on the goods revealed orange juice containing hydraulic fluid, boric acid found in a jar of horseradish and a container of infant formula, and a jar of Gerber carrots contained glass shards.