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enclose with glass

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Pinocchio took the glass in both hands and stuck his nose into it.
But the Queen of the Oyster Pirates was looking at me, a part-emptied glass in her own hand.
He held the glass in his hand; all he had to do was to vanish back beyond the curtains, flee with it noiselessly into the night on deck, fling it unseen overboard.
You don't mean to tell a honest man--' he was recommencing with his empty glass in his hand, when his eye became fascinated by the stranger's outer coat.
It had been considered a handsome glass in its day, and had probably been bought into the Poyser family a quarter of a century before, at a sale of genteel household furniture.
I broke my glass in going round the table to shake hands with him, and I said (in two words)'Steerforth - you'retheguidingstarofmyexistence.