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a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light

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The present work aims to develop chopped glass fibre and particulate type wollastonite reinforced epoxy composite.
The incident laser light determines whether the light emitted by the particle travels left or right in the glass fibre.
The carbon fibre significantly boosts strength and stiffness while the glass fibre allows the toughness that many choose LFT materials for to be retained.
The Composites Market 2012-2022: Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre & Aramid Fibre report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the composites industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the composites market.
Unravelling the details of the test carried out on a barrier wall in North America, Schoeck ME, its regional subsidiary, said the heavy trailer truck crashed into a bridge barrier wall, installed with its special glass fibre reinforcement ComBAR, at an angle of 15 degrees and a speed of 80 km/h.
In the LFI process the glass fibres are discharged into the mould simultaneously with the PUR system in a single process.
At their booth, 3B will display innovative products featuring HiPer-texao glass fibre that are available from partners TenCate Advanced Armour and VonRoll.
Michael Doolan, a Government area mechanical engineer in the West Midlands, where already 14,000 vehicles - 70 per cent of all vehicles tested each year - fall, said: "We are making a concerted drive on this complex question of glass fibre.
CPIC has been in glass fibre production in China since 1970 and was the first manufacturer to produce E-glass fibre by the direct-melt process, in 1986.
As long as the parties sell off certain facilities, the US company Owens Corning was authorised, on 26 October, by the European Commission to purchase the glass fibre reinforcements and composite fabrics businesses (Vetrotex) of the French company Saint-Gobain.
The new technology makes it possible to produce glass fibre reinforced PUR parts with finely detailed grained surfaces using one mould.
There could be huge, deadly shards of razor-sharp glass fibre from the blades flying for hundreds of metres through the air.
Chopped glass fibre strands and polymer powder or pellets may be melt blended in a compounding extruder, and the result is that tensile properties are enhanced by the process of fibre reinforcement.
Since the outbreak of financial crisis, glass fibre enterprises in the world have become more cautious about their plans of capacity expansion, and the production capacity has been growing slowly.
Belgian glass fibre producer 3B has introduced a new chopped strand mat for use in polypropylene and polyethylene.