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prosthesis consisting of an artificial eye made of glass

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Nope," said the man with the eye patch and the glass eye.
White uploaded the video in two parts: first, on finding of the object, and second, on the glass eye that he observed in the head of the doll.
Dentures, underwear, a glass eye and a prosthetic leg were also in the long list of weird and wonderful items revealed by cabin crew, and which pose the question: 'how did the passenger manage to forget them?
Glass eye productions is a video and multimedia production company operating in ireland for the past 12 years.
The subtitle refers to the aerial camera being likened to a spy able to penetrate enemy territory with a glass eye.
It would have brought a tear to a glass eye and was brilliantly played by Gordon McCorkell and Stephen Purdon, who have been the show's enduring double act for the last 10 years.
A ONE-EYED man who is a suspect in a double murder uses a creepy black glass eye to intimidate strangers.
RAYMOND, Julie Anita The True Story of Graham Laycock's Extraordinary Vision Adventure with a Glass Eye, Self Pub, 2011 188pp $20.
But I dare say the sight of him - one glass eye hanging down, nose missing and cotton wool jaw flapping lifelessly - looming onto our tellies again would be accompanied by the screams of little ones across living rooms nationwide.
This sort of subterfuge has apparently been going on for decades and Alice sent me her version of Souvenirs: She was a blushing bride, her groom was by her side, they went upstairs to bed, Both feeling very shy, she took out her glass eye, her false teeth on the sly, And then she hung her leg, upon the chandelier .
Their Five Star World Poker Classic, a series of tournaments which would in normal circumstances put a glass eye to sleep, gets under way in late March.
Then Abraham Williams's son, Llewelyn, who seemed, curiously, to have inherited his father's glass eye, began pulling out the stops of the harmonium and in came the clergy - Mr Morgan, the vicar of Llanaeron, a long, thin, black man, and the two visitors - Mr Price of Llandre, fumbling under the surplice for his spectacles, and Mr Tudor Thomas of Llegodig, looking as round, rosy and polished as the apples on the window-sill.
SANDIEGO, CA -- A festive and exuberant pillowfight by the Zero team last Friday turned sour when rider Sheldon Meleshinski was walloped in the head and lost his glass eye.
A new house buried in the ground renders itself almost invisible, only turning a glass eye on the sea in a remote part of Wales.