glass cutter

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Synonyms for glass cutter

someone who cuts or grinds designs on glass


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someone who cuts flat glass to size

a tool for cutting glass

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He is the glass cutter and not the terrorist, spare him," shouted one of the protesters who had got hold of Naeem while he was locking his motorcycle soon after the twin blasts at Youhanabad churches on Sunday.
Across the road, Mr Jack Mansfield manager of Baggetts Footwear shop, surveyed the damage - indiscriminate markings on the side of the shop premises - and said: "It looks as though it's been done with a glass cutter.
Woodall was the best cameo glass cutter this country has ever produced and I estimate this should fetch between pounds 20,000 and pounds 30,000.
And as direct descendants of freeman George Henry Copley, a master glass cutter in York, Nancy was given the go-ahead to take up her right.
The former glass cutter was said to have passed on the drug so he could obtain a few lines of cocaine for himself.
When the note wouldnAAEt come out easily, he took a glass cutter and opened the bottleAAEs bottom.
The SMP40 includes a number of carefully considered design features to enhance the user' s experience: a safety hood which protects samples and acts as a light shield, a capillary storage drawer with integral glass cutter, and a handy storage area for pre-prepared samples.
FANCY THAT: On leaving St Phillip's Sixth Form College in Edgbaston, Pal tried his hand at a variety of jobs including cleaner, chef, glass cutter and sewing machinist.
The men acquired maps, studied video of the property, made at least two reconnaissance trips and carried a wide range of equipment, including wire snips for the alarm system, duct tape, a glass cutter and tools to break out auto glass, Matthews said.
Skillfully destroying as well as building, the two artists followed the irregular and casual line of the tear inflicted on the paper, working patiently with a glass cutter and a saw.
With a change of job to glass cutter and the support of his family, Jim knew the odds were on his side, especially with Lynne preparing all his meals.
Glass cutter from craft shops for around pounds 30 or www.
An inexpensive glass cutter, glass, and a kiln with a pyrometer got my class started.
Dad Dean works for Glass 2000 as a glass cutter and mum Nicole has decided to stay at home for a while.
He goes on: "All you need for this simple job is an electric mitre saw, a router, saw bench, six-speed 2000rpm lathe, a pedestal drill, a pneumatic nail gun and a diamond-tipped glass cutter.