glass ceiling

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a ceiling based on attitudinal or organizational bias in the work force that prevents minorities and women from advancing to leadership positions

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Credit for the coinage goes to Skidmore College associate professor Berheide, who "chose the term for its reverberations with glass ceiling and because it evokes dead-end work.
The following may be areas where pressure might be applied in order to shatter the glass ceiling, pane by pane.
You'll explore why so many firms that have embraced EA at an IT level have failed to break through what seems to be an intangible but very real obstacle: the glass ceiling that has proved to be a barrier to the realization of true business benefits.
Worker Perceptions of a Glass Ceiling A lack of female and minority executives has long been a criticism of corporate America, but to what extent do workers feel organizations hold these groups back?
Holly Buttner, Women Entrepreneurs: Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling, Thousand Oaks, California, 97, 33-4.
Women working as lawyers and nurses felt they were the most likely to meet the glass ceiling.
Several authors have written about the impact of the glass ceiling on physicians and how it has prevented them from achieving positions of governance and leadership.
Glass Ceiling will appeal to anyone who has worked in an office environment, although it will resonate more loudly for women.
Vijith Randeniya was presented with the prestigious Hammer award, which is given to people who have broken the proverbial glass ceiling, at the GG2 Leadership &Diversity Awards 2009.
The glass ceiling in the twenty-first century; understanding barriers to gender equality.
Mone, founder of Ultimo bras, said: "There are now more opportunities for women to break the glass ceiling and I expect many more successful women in business as a result.
When I was growing up I learned there was a glass ceiling women couldn't get past to get the top jobs.
In consultation with Komfort's architectural glass design team, it was decided to create laminated glass beams with a laminated glass ceiling.
Geometrically differing plates aid in the presentation of each dish in a comfortable room featuring lacquered tabletops, a backlit glass ceiling painting and an impressive multishelved wine cabinet.
These figures show that if employers put their minds to it, women can get a fair deal and break through the glass ceiling.