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Synonyms for glary

extemely bright

Synonyms for glary

shining intensely

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The teenager had been questioned by officers after they linked a car parked outside his home to a bur glary in the Wolverhampton area.
Police are linking the incident to a distraction bur- glary at the home of a 90- year-old man in Ralph Crescent, the same day.
At an outdoors rural cafe, the few tables scattered over a wide glary courtyard, we four the lone lunch guests at this late siesta hour .
The advantages of Daytime Running Lights are obvious in the dim and often glary light of dawn and dusk.
We went in and examined how we could create spaces that were visually dynamic and pleasing to the visitors but not overwhelmingly glary and dramatic for the student residents," says David Orgish, a lighting designer with O'Mahony & Myer.
The glary sources and exposed fixtures distracted visitors from the objects on display, including books, artifacts and art.