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Synonyms for glaring

Synonyms for glaring

extemely bright

conspicuously bad or offensive

Synonyms for glaring

shining intensely

conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible

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This, he said, was most glaringly reflected in the mayhem and the spilling of Muslims' blood by the Muslims.
Roll up, a cacophony of noise Mechanical bells, electric buzzers, the clatter of the pinball, Distorted screeching of rock and roll 50s style, Glaringly lit in all corners and overhead, rattling scoreboards, Grotesque calligraphic signs, as tumblers click, numbers roll, the laughter, Screams of girls, and crude exclamation of boys.
A surname like Lineker is glaringly obvious and in some places I think it would hold me back.
Such behaviour glaringly runs against the strategy of the incumbent Interior Ministry amid the sweeping changes in the wake of the January 25 revolution," added the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Summary: The sense of immediacy glaringly absent from the tentative talks to form a new Lebanese government is demonstrating that this country's political class fails to appreciate the crises threatening the Lebanese people from without and within.
I'm no fan of Mr Brown nor New Labour, but it seems glaringly obvious to me that a bona fide politician is required for the role, rather than a buffoon who once asked: "I can't remember what my line on drugs is.
It is glaringly obvious that the rest of the contestants apart from Katie and Simon who were/are ( in on the act players) were just making up the required numbers - unbeknown to them of course.
They were glaringly out of sync with realities students faced outside the classroom.
When all the facts are included, there are a few glaringly obvious facts about this video.
While the investigation techniques tend to be a bit pathetic, the findings are damning--the panel turns out to be a glaringly white and heterosexual group of "concerned parents," sometimes augmented by Catholic and Episcopal priests.
Glaringly absent from every report about Pope Urban's address at the Council of Claremont is any command to the Crusaders to convert Muslims.
Despite being together for five years, the statuesque actress - who starred alongside Ioan in 102 Dalmatians - said she nearly missed the glaringly obvious sparkler.
Though Carter does at least give reasons for why he believes as he does on this issue, he once again omits glaringly important details.
While including some worthy titles that are action/adventure (On Deadly Ground) or based on social concerns (Silkwood), Benjamin Chadwick's article glaringly omitted some of Hollywood's greatest titles on environmental issues.
The ineffectiveness and irrelevance of traditional media-driven messaging are glaringly apparent.