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the conical mass of erectile tissue that forms the head of the penis

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Glans penis was the most commonly affected site in MGU.
The skin covering glans penis and the urethra were sutured with absorbable suture material.
The corpora cavernosa are rigid and tender, but the glans penis is soft.
1) Several authors have suggested that the prepuce functions to protect the glans penis from injury and irritations from ammoniacal urinary contents.
This feature is not found in older sexually inactive patients, they present with glazed erythema on the glans penis and subpreputial discharge.
He noted that during the previous episode, the lesions were located on the exact same areas of his glans penis and chin.
Investigators examined two hypotheses that might support decreased penile sensitivity: whether the exposed glans penis of circumcised men is less sensitive than that of intact men (where keratinization is hypothesized to take place), and if the highly innervated foreskin is more sensitive than other sites of the penis.
If the preputium skin could not be retracted or less than half of the glans penis was visible, complete phimosis was recorded.
Esen, "Hemangioma of the glans penis treated with Nd:YAG laser," International Urology and Nephrology, vol.
The penile form in which the urethra opens ventral and caudal to the glans penis could be proximal, distal, or in the mid shaft of the penis.
In all the 13 patients, the ostium had disappeared at 6-month follow-up and the glans penis showed no defects.
This included glans penis tattoos which are described as producing great pain.
He took medication at night and developed lesions over right forearm (Figure 1), lips (Figure 2), and glans penis (Figure 3) within 10-12 hours, accompanied by burning sensation and itching.
Circumcised men have a lower risk of acquiring HIV because, following circumcision, the epithelium of the glans penis becomes keratinised, and keratinised epithelium is largely resistant to the passage of HIV-infected T-cells.