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Parameatal cysts of the glans penis: a report of 9 cases.
Histopathology from the nodule over the glans showed keratinised squamous epithelium in the epidermis, clear zone (grenz zone) under the epidermis with sheets of foamy macrophages laden with AFB in the lamina propria and destroyed nerve bundles (Figure 2A).
He noted that during the previous episode, the lesions were located on the exact same areas of his glans penis and chin.
In the plastibell circumcision technique, the plastic bell which fits over 2/3 of the glanz was placed under the foreskin and over the glans surface.
If the preputium skin could be fully retracted and the whole glans penis made visible without applying force, absence of phimosis was recorded.
None of the patients in our study sustained trauma to glans.
Unlike in adults, the neuron-rich foreskin in babies is typically fused to the glans penis; it does not retract.
In all the 13 patients, the ostium had disappeared at 6-month follow-up and the glans penis showed no defects.
The presence of phimosis makes the prepucial covering a storehouse for the collection of smegma, which produces a constant mechanical and chemical irritation on the glans and the inner surface of the prepuce.
7) This article reports on the limited medical literature found about men with genital tattoos (pubic and/or the glans penis).
The foreskin covers the penile glans in most boys and men.