glandular fever

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an acute disease characterized by fever and swollen lymph nodes and an abnormal increase of mononuclear leucocytes or monocytes in the bloodstream

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The Channel Islander, who first suffered symptoms of glandular fever here in 2013, woke up on Monday feeling "bloated and weak" - and her suffering continued against the Bulgarian.
PARENTS have criticised a new health guide which advises children struck down with tonsillitis, conjunctivitis and even glandular fever should take no time off school.
Such is the manner in which glandular fever debilitates the body, the only prescribed recovery approach is rest, and Watson has been taking no chances.
Now, the experts are hoping that the findings could help reduce cases of glandular fever and its effects.
2 million from the Medical Research Council will enable the university to carry out a five-year study, focusing on Birmingham children and adults with glandular fever.
And there was disappointment as Ronnie O'Sullivan withdrew from his second round match with Ricky Walden after contracting glandular fever.
COVENTRY prop Carl Rimmer has been confirmed as suffering from glandular fever.
He failed most of his O-levels first time round, fell ill to a severe bout of glandular fever that nearly killed him when he finally made it to Bristol Polytechnic in the mid-1970s and then set up one of the first banking call centres for Barclays Bank that was initially a total disaster.
A IN some cases of glandular fever the spleen is enlarged, which is dangerous if he plays a contact sport.
The Swiss superstar has lost his last two competitive outings, falling to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open semi-final and then making a first-round exit to Andy Murray last week in Dubai as he continues his recovery from glandular fever.
HOLLAND: Roda JC midfielder Gregor van Dijk has been struck down with glandular fever.
Blood tests revealed Barbara had been suffering glandular fever for some time.
Saltman now heads for Royal St George's in Kent this weekend to prepare for the Amateur championship and said: "The news I've not got glandular fever has made me feel better already.
Emily said: "My mum got glandular fever too and she lost her business because of it.
Glandular fever - also called the kissing disease - is a viral infection that leads to sore throat, high temperature, loss of appetite, tiredness, headaches, muscle pains and swollen glands.