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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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The main reason you feel terrible when you catch glandular fever is because your immune system goes into overdrive.
In each chip, five glandular epithelial cells were randomly selected and the changes in cellular modality and organelles were observed under x 3000, x 5000, x 8000, x 10,000, and x 20,000 magnifications.
SEM showed epithelial follicles lining the tissue around the nipple region, followed by connective tissue that continues into the adjacent layers within a connective septum, intermingling with the glandular lobules.
The aim of this study was to review adult cases who presented with inguinal lymphadenopathy (LAP) and were diagnosed with glandular tularemia, which is a rare site of involvement in Turkey.
9% of cases showed glandular hyperplasia that is the glandular component is greatly increased (Fig: 12).
Por otro lado, los AINEs (como la FBZ), puede inducir dano directo de las celulas epiteliales de la mucosa glandular (9).
Conclusion: The 13-cis-retinoic acid has no significant inhibitory effect on uterine glandular proliferation induced by tamoxifen after a short-term administration of three months.
Polygonal###Straight###Anisocytic###Polygonal###Straight###Anomocytic###Stellate glandular
The Channel Islander, who first suffered symptoms of glandular fever here in 2013, woke up on Monday feeling "bloated and weak" - and her suffering continued against the Bulgarian.
VEGF and Flk-1 were immunolocalized in the luminal epithelium, glandular epithelium and stroma of the endometrium at various phases of the menstrual cycle (Figures 2 and 3, A-E).
Q Recently I had really bad flu with swollen glands and my doctor said I had glandular fever.
The most common causes, however, are milk ducts damaged during breast surgery and insufficient milk-producing glandular tissue (IGT).
The doctor has performed blood tests and suspects it's probably glandular fever.
Summary: Heather Watson, making her way back gingerly after a bout of glandular fever, slid out .