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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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The Channel Islander, who first suffered symptoms of glandular fever here in 2013, woke up on Monday feeling "bloated and weak" - and her suffering continued against the Bulgarian.
5 mm long, lanceolate, dark brown, entire; basal pinnae 20-40 X 14-25 cm, ovate-oblong to triangular-oblong; ultimate segments 4-7 X 1-2 mm long, obtuse to acute, sometimes strongly ascending and slightly falcate; tissue between the veins adaxially glabrous or nearly so, sparsely glandular abaxially, the glands minute, thick shiny, oblong, cylindrical, orange or yellowish, often appressed; veins glandular, the glands ca.
VEGF and Flk-1 were immunolocalized in the luminal epithelium, glandular epithelium and stroma of the endometrium at various phases of the menstrual cycle (Figures 2 and 3, A-E).
Glandular fever is quite common, with nine out of 10 people affected by the age of 50.
Insufficient glandular tissue is impossible to diagnose before breast-feeding is attempted.
Those with glandular fever are infected for at least two months, however many can have the infection in their saliva for anything up to 18 months.
Heather Watson, making her way back gingerly after a bout of glandular fever, slid out of the French Open on Wednesday in losing her opening round match against Stefanie Voegele.
I had glandular fever in 97 and it took me two months to get over that," the 39-yearold recalled.
The accurate diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the urinary bladder can be very challenging, as a wide variety of benign and malignant glandular lesions occur in the urinary bladder.
Microscopic lesions in proventriculi of affected hens consisted of glandular epithelial necrosis, ductal epithelial hyperplasia, replacement of glandular epithelium with ductal epithelium, and diffuse interstitial lymphoid infiltration.
There is no need for anyone with glandular fever to be isolated from others because most people will already be immune to the virus.
This image shows that the sweat ductal and epidermal progenitors (in red) proliferate and repair an epidermal scratch wound; the sweat gland progenitors (in blue and green) show no signs of proliferation to this type of wound, but instead respond to deep glandular wounds.
Glandular fever is a particularly aggressive viral infection that commonly affects young adults.
He has been suffering from glandular fever in Berlin but the triple world champion was still too good for Stephen Lee - beating him 6-4 for a place in today's final.
Reggie Johal explained: "Extracts such as dried bulls testicles were probably the first testosterone boosters marketed to athletes, on the basis that bulls produce a vast amount of testosterone and if we could ingest their glandular extracts, we too could grow to superhuman proportions.