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a destructive and contagious bacterial disease of horses that can be transmitted to humans

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Glanders seems to be restricted to remote, sporadic pockets of endemicity and may cause outbreaks after being introduced in native populations by asymptomatic shedders.
The circular added that no person shall bring into India the remains of anyone who may have died of Yellow Fever, plague, anthrax, glanders, or any other diseases identified by the Indian government for this purpose.
It will also be able to handle samples of bacteria causing a host of serious diseases in humans, such as tuberculosis, anthrax, glanders and Legionnaire's disease, all of which can be deadly if left untreated.
Bahrain will have to wait at least another two months to learn whether it has been given the all-clear from the deadly equine disease glanders, said a top official.
Glanders, a respiratory infection, killed the Amur tiger from Russia, Tehran Zoo manager Amir Elhami told Iran's state news agency last Friday.
Dr Currie said Melioidosis was very similar to the Glanders bacteria, which was used as a biological weapon in WWI.
It happens frequently on an ad hoc basis, and I think that's sufficient to make Shakespeare accessible to today's audiences that haven't a clue about what's wrong with Petruchio's horse when it's described as being "possessed with the glanders and like to mose in the chine.
Incensed by President Wilson's claim of American neutrality during World War I while selling munitions and horses to Germany's enemies (England and France) Dilger performed espionage for Germany by cultivating anthrax and glanders (a germ that killed horses quickly and in large numbers) in his Chevy Chase home six miles from the White House.
In less than 10 minutes, the ECBC's Sherlock Bioterrorism Library can be used to identify extracts from anthrax, brucellosis, glanders, tularemia, melioidosis, plague, and 15 "challenge" organisms.
With this in mind, difficult decisions, at times, need to be made and none more so than this year, when we have had to suspend horses from Brazil due to an outbreak of glanders.
Glanders is primarily a fatal skin and respiratory disease affecting horses, donkeys, and mules, but it can also be naturally contracted by goats, dogs, and cats (glanders is technically the respiratory form of the disease and farcy is the cutaneous form of the disease).
Burkholderia mallei is a gram-negative bacterium causing glanders and farcy in solipeds (1, 2).
Following a period of testing and evaluation and success in threading tubing in production, Hunting Energy Services has ordered two more Okuma LOC650s for its plant in Calgary, Ron Glanders, manager of technical support for its facilities, tells T&P.
3) The Germans used anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) and glanders (Pseudomonas mallei) against the horses and mules of the US Army and its Allies in World War I.