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This could be explained by the fact that acne rosacea, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and meibomian gland disease are more common in female probably due to different levels of androgen and dietary supplementation.
TearScience said that the move is just one component of an overall strategy to make the LipiFlow and LipiView Technologies more accessible to Eye Care Professionals, who can then, in turn, use them to evaluate and intervene earlier in MGD for the benefit of the ms of individuals suffering from this chronic and progressive obstructive gland disease.
Salivary gland disease associated with HIV infection (HIV-SGD) can present as xerostomia with or without salivary gland enlargement.
Minimally invasive treatment of obstructive salivary gland disease can reduce the need for invasive open surgery, according to an article published in a German medical journal last year.
Viruses and salivary gland disease (SGD): lessons from HIV SGD.
Manama-Oct15 (BNA) Bahrain has today been declared free of gland disease.
The differential diagnosis of these swellings is vast and ranges from acute obstructive salivary gland disease to neoplastic processes.
Xerostomia associated with chronic mouth breathing (enlarged adenoids), autoimmune salivary gland disease, and iatrogenic causes (antidepressants) worsens the risk of gingivitis, periodontitis and dental caries.
Controversy exists over the extent of optimal neck exploration, whether unilateral or bilateral exploration should be performed, particularly since 85-90% of primary hyperparathyroidism results from single gland disease.
The secondly common oral HIV manifestation was parotid gland disease, characterized clinically by gland enlargement.
19:00 Medical seminar on gland disease, conducted by Dr.
Including specific guidelines on diagnosis, management, and follow-up, chapters cover normal anatomy, variants of normal and common benign conditions, diagnostic tests and studies, white lesions, immune-mediated and allergic conditions, pigment lesions, oral infections, salivary gland disease, oral cancer, orofacial pain conditions, oral manifestations of systemic disease, and prescribing guidelines for commonly used medications.
Adrenal gland disease is becoming an increasing problem with pet ferrets.
AuthorHouse, a publishing house for emerging authors, has announced the launch of a new book by Marcia Ruth Roper, RD, CDE, entitled Type 2 Diabetes: The Adrenal Gland Disease.