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make glamorous and attractive

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Yet even as we marvel at their brilliance and their persistence, their performance and their triumphs--not to mention their compensation packages--it is tempting to glamourize the careers of these executives, as if they are merely heroines in a fairy tale of corporate meritocracy.
The positioning of Mexican women as sexualized embodiments of "hot tamales" gave way to "foodie" subculture enthusiasts who now glamourize the indigenous women who produce "authentic" dishes, including mole, in southern Mexico.
And rather than trying to glamourize products, manufacturers need to emphasize the simple facts and ingredients of their beverages.
In keeping with the style of vintage fashion, we want to glamourize the returned use of the parasol, and offer ones which are reminiscent of Hollywood's Golden Age - parasols that make you feel like Marilyn Monroe," says Policastro.