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interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Mr Smith said: "You have to teach about drugs without glamourising.
I wish to withdraw any comments which might be interpreted as condoning the taking of drugs or, indeed, in some way glamourising drug abuse.
Judge Delap slammed the Press for glamourising the teenager's actions.
Campaigners say the 30-second clip for Fuji Xerox should be banned for glamourising animal cruelty.
The plot descends into bloodshed and the tug of war between glamourising and condemning the violence ends in a no-score draw
It is only a music video but it's images like this, with pop stars glamourising gangs, which means that some young people .
The filmhas attracted heavy criticism in the city for encouraging impressionable youngsters to join criminal gangs and glamourising violence in an area hit by outbreaks.
Just as Trainspotting didn't sugar-coat the pain of drug abuse, but still received criticism for glamourising it, so the same director has been criticised for glossing the poverty of Mumbai.
I can understand if the figures were truly offensive such as recently in North London, where a retailer came under investigation for glamourising knife carrying mannequins in an area where knife crime was rampant.
They are glamourising gun crime and gang culture and identifying with that lifestyle and its attraction to the disaffected, alienated youth in our inner cities of Birmingham.
If Derren Brown wants to make programmes involving magic, then he should stick to that - not silly stunts glamourising crime.
Doctors are alarmed at the increasing number of sites glamourising the potent-ially fatal disease anorexia.
In January, the MoD was accused of glamourising warfare when recruiting young people.
The gallery yesterday insisted that his work was not about glamourising theft.
SOMETIMES I'm guilty of glamourising the appeal of drunkenness, and the irresponsibility of this was brought home by George Best's battle against alcoholism.