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Synonyms for glamorize

interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Ill-educated and with zero imagination, they are in thrall to the glamourised violence of the movies, besotted with gangster culture and in love with the power of the gun.
Research has shown candidates don't want overly- glamourised views on army life.
Contains practical guidance on the implementation of a compliance regime, rather than detailed descriptions of legislations or glamourised versions of the money laundering process.
She will be seen in a glamourised desi avatar, flaunting sensuality in a sexy ghagracholi ensemble.
It's so glamourised, but I promise you the reality is not always like that.
Michael Ellis said the move would be a good thing, particularly as some video games and films glamourised the weapons.
And the day-to-day grind of routine police work is a far cry from the glamourised portrayals we see on our television screens.
It is even higher than the corresponding figure for the 1940s and 1950s when films such as Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and Vertigo portrayed a highly glamourised image of cigarettes.
It may be a poor place, but it has an honesty and a decency about it that makes it superior to other, more glamourised areas such as its glitzy neighbour Newcastle, or the empty, more prosperous London.
Packaging needs to be re-considered for future releases: the artwork will strike some as glamourised, and the proof-reading will strike all as shoddy.
These "fans" are the product of a society where gang violence is glamourised and where better to attach your allegiance than to the local football club.
The fact they are glamourised is next to impossible for me to understand.
Too many lives have been lost and damaged by this tragedy for it to be glamourised.
He told the 200 delegates: "The film is historically inaccurate, it is glamourised, it is romanticised.
But it ruled Corrie had not glamourised the crime and cleared it of any wrongdoing.