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Synonyms for glamourise

interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Teacher together with student solve setting responsibilities, which myself herewith style represent glamourise.
Any young actress raised, like Billie, with all the benefits of equality previous generations fought for, should have returned to waitressing before stooping so low as to accept a role that attempts to glamourise prostitution.
Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, alongside other stars like Nicole Kidman and Pierce Brosnan, has been blamed for helping to glamourise smoking by doing it on the big screen.
We don't have a problem with the interview - it is what the BBC did to try to glamourise what, after all, is a story that is 10 years out of date.
WHATEVER they say now, ITV's drama about Fred and Rosemary West will inevitably glamourise them.
Video games and movies glamourise the use of guns and knives and are desensitizing children, so any programme set up to show children the realities of using these weapons and their devastating impact is good for counteracting these false perceptions.
Worst of all, this show only served to glamourise this lifestyle for all the young neds who would have been watching it.
Call it the ' Slumdog effect' -- Slumdog Millionaire has inspired many to glamourise poverty.
But how ironic so many stars glamourise violence in TV shows seemingly almost every night.
But video footage of the battle appearing on the internet provides the worst possible publicity for these thugs and only serves to glamourise them.
Wear it with absolutely anything in the evening, the sparkling beads will instantly glamourise even the dullest of outfits.
It will hit TV screens next year A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: "The film does not glamourise or condone gang culture, but aims to go behind the headlines and explore the lives of young men in the inner city.
Retired council worker Mr O'Callaghan fears the sweets will glamourise drug use among impressionable youngsters.
No one in their right mind would want to glamourise violent behaviour.
Clearly, this is not the time to glamourise ' homelessness'.