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Synonyms for glamourisation

the act of glamorizing

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Many young people think that drinking is part and parcel of socialising and when you look at the media and TV, there is a definite glamourisation and young people are susceptible to that.
The UN agency urged governments to pay more attention to high profile drug abuse cases, saying the glamourisation of drug abuse is especially relevant for young people who are "often most vulnerable" to the cult of celebrity.
Sr Deegan called for the end of the glamourisation of violence in Dublin and said: "It is now time for the people of Finglas to say no to violence.
She has attacked the glamourisation of TV news and accused bosses of hiring journalists with "cute faces and cute bottoms and nothing else in between".
Here, though, at the peak of his powers and success, he relentlessly exposes the hypocrisy of the English upper-classes so that the same languorous cynicism of the rou Lord Illingworth, which seems so funny in the first scene, by the end sounds chillingly hollow and cruel - and in so doing, of course, the playwright accepts his own culpability in the glamourisation of the useless, privileged world of the landed gentry.