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Synonyms for glamorize

interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Armed with a partially vacant property, an ideal location in the desirable Plaza District, protection for its southern views with the purchase of air rights, and many millions of dollars in work, the Macklowes are seizing the day and glamorizing 540 Madison for its tenants.
The focus at Cinequest is on connecting the artist to the film lover, not in glamorizing the red carpet.
Gaga was criticised by numerous fans, including ex-bulimic Demi Lovato, for glamorizing the eating disorder bulimia.
The company's fare also includes "tees" glamorizing Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Marilyn Manson, and Harry Potter; one imprinted "Satan Inside"; and two that proclaim "MasterPimp" (a vulgar parody of MasterCard) and "Pimpology.
So the first source of surprise was that these oddly-shaped little pastoral scenes were neither dowdy nor particularly respectable, but rather fresh and loose, informed by an irreverent eye for the distinctions between penetrat ing observation and glamorizing cliche.
Added Schad, "The promotion of racing and the glamorizing of irresponsible driving is a recipe for disaster.
Washington, February 4 ( ANI ): In wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, Demi Lovato has urged fellow celebrities to stop glamorizing drugs.