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interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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For years, World War II has been glamorized by Hollywood, hyped by the media, misunderstood by students and misinterpreted by scholars.
If children see smoking glamorized on films it makes it all the more likely they are going to pick up that habit,'' said Melissa Caldwell of PTC.
The overall effect is uncertain, pitting as it does the operatic schlock of glamorized violence against the immanence of formal collapse.
I would happily take my entire 401(k) and endow any university that would siphon off a fraction of its funds for studying the effects of glamorized depictions of heavy artillery and put it toward research into the psychic damage wrought by ignorant people saying stupid things in such a manner that many others can hear them.
One wonders how Atlas would have turned out had Rand, a determined and lifelong opponent of religion, stayed with her early plan to give an important plot role to an intellectual Catholic priest who was to have been portrayed sympathetically, "my most glamorized projection of a Thomist philosopher.
Others, of course, are still with us, alive and being healthily taught in ballroom classes, glamorized to twinkle at dance competions, or transmogrified into something entirely different, such as that newest of hybrids, the sports dance.
Handled realistically and not glamorized, violence can have a place in serious drama like "Homicide: Life on the Streets.
The film's final sequence shows how Hollywood glamorized the truth of Chicken Little's big adventure, delivering a slick ``movie-by-committee.
Bluestein Davis is appalled that the excesses that led to her husband's death should ever be glamorized.
Just as this literally two-tone makeup cracks the placid surface of supermodel beauty and seamless couture, Edstrom's photographs inhabit the faultline that runs between reality and illusion, between glamorized image and everyday life.
One scene that I found especially offensive glamorized with slick choreographic maneuvers what seemed like the near rape of a woman who, during the course of the interlude, was stripped to her undergarments, pulled by her hair, and brutally handled.
He claimed that comics glamorized evil and violence, even when good won in the end.
Godard simply intercuts documentary war footage with more glamorized combat scenes from Hollywood movies.
In more recent work, the stark mise-en-scene in his photos has taken on an even harsher, more abstract quality - he often employs monochrome backgrounds, frequently in supersaturated colors - that separate his photos not only from his verite-style early-'90s images, but also from the glamorized version of grunge packaged by his peers.