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interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Glamorize is the UAE's newest fashion and lifestyle event that is both premium packaged and strategically located; and promises to pack a punch with a host of local and international designers showcasing their designs at the event.
The movie, released last month, is said by police to glamorize the import street-racing scene.
The danger in that, with authenticity such a hot commodity lately, would be to glamorize his project as so much hipster street stuff--summoning a portrait of the artist as a young member of one of those "style tribes" slinking around the New York subways in the widely reviled Levi's ads.
They fear events like the "pint curl" will glamorize drinking in the eyes of teens.
Whether it's Al "And justice for All" Pacino chewing scenery like Marlon Brando at an all-you-can-eat buffet, Tom "A Few Good Men" Cruise unconvincingly demanding "the truth," or Julia "Erin Brockovich" Roberts foul-mouthedly unearthing alleged corporate misdeeds, such films glamorize the very profession that supports attorneys general with nothing better to do than intimidate and harass an industry that has broken no laws.
According to Florida Bar President Tod Aronovitz, the survey findings are important in that they will help combat the negative perception created by television and movie portrayals that glamorize criminal law, when, in fact, criminal law is only one of many legal specialties.
Many of these websites openly promote drug use, others glamorize the drug culture and thereby implicitly promote use and experimentation.
Nothing has been done to glamorize these little shards; they are simply covered with a unifying coat of off-white paint.
Our popular culture is ripe with music, movies and print materials that glamorize drug use.
Principal Bob Rodrigo said he was moved when he read Candace's essay, especially in an age where so many music videos and movies glamorize gangs.
Jensen's wise not to glamorize our Johnny: He's naive and clumsy and makes stupid decisions that nearly cost him his life.
I want them to look a little travel-worn, but at the same time, I try to glamorize them.
Fashion Shoot is the game of memorize, glamorize and accessorize fun.
Those not trying to glamorize the company would call it terrible.
Most impressive, he doesn't glamorize, demonize, or caricature iris subjects.