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Synonyms for glamorize

interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Being the first in a series of exclusive shows planned for 2014; Glamorize promises to showcase a mix of established and upcoming designers across the Asian and Arab spectre.
That's the story that we're not seeing, and it's unfortunate that society often glorifies and glamorizes the idea of having children out of wedlock.
They should have talked to some of the families who have told their stories in this paper of how they lost loved ones to drugs, before they decided to glamorize crack.
What the casinos do is glamorize gambling, make it look "enjoyable" and make it easier to do.
For if (as in the 1960s) personal emancipation was authentic, it was attained at the cost of a restyling, that tended to glamorize the fair sex into sexual objects, seductively fragile, tearful victims of delicious passionate impulses.
com can glamorize an online profile image, improve a dating picture or even remove an old girlfriend from the frame-something the other Clinton could have certainly employed during his presidency.
Members of Punjab assembly asserted that to glamorize crimes in dramatization, spreading awareness about how-to-do of crimes and presenting criminals as heroes was unethical.
So I hope we don't glamorize the violence associated with some of the older practices of fraternities," the senator added.
It manages both to glamorize notorious killers and to perpetuate law-and-order cliches.
In addition to changing the two episodes, British employees at Hanna-Barbera are reviewing other scenes that glamorize cigarettes and cigars.
5 pounds of false eyelash glamorize Liza's plush but athletic body with showbiz chic.
The divers set up their easels on the ocean floor and, using paint capsules stored in what look like ammo belts, proceed to paint images of big-name actors who arguably helped glamorize the war in Vietnam.
The details about drugs certainly don't glamorize them: and there is nothing appealing about the entire runaway situation for Janie, including her partying with the bands, singing, dancing, and sleeping around-it seems a bleak life, especially since she is so talented but so needy.
You do not need to glamorize addiction to sell clothes.
America loves to glamorize the role of first lady for the same reason we love Princess Diana: we are still royalists at heart.