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the act of glamorizing

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The normalization, expectation, and glamorization of violence noted in the original paper has continued to evolve, particularly with the emergence of "jihadi cool" as a recruiting theme for young males (30)--a narrative that depicts the lifestyle, including increased risk, as attractive and glamorous.
While much has been written on the glamorization of smoking in Hollywood films, surprisingly little research exists on the portrayal of smoking in Asian cinema," Dr Pugsley said.
Chapter 2, "The Marginalization of Latino Urban Youth" examines the glamorization of gang violence, and the ways in which the "barrio" acts as an alternative "nation" for many of its inhabitants.
In the first part of the book -- the cleverly titled "Breadcrumbs" -- Slade does a deft job of detailing how the development of vending machines, cars, and the glamorization of Hollywood idols isolated Americans further from their friends and families.
Commercialization of education gradually precipitated glamorization with a discernable impact of western culture in the high profile educational institutions in the country.
says he's dumbfounded by "all of this glamorization and sanitization of what really happened.
One of the major influences on the uptake of teen tobacco use is the glamorization of tobacco use in movies and on television.
Controversial for its frank depiction of teen sex and drug use, Skins had TV activist group Parents Television Council clutching their pearls and crying foul for what they believed was the glamorization of transgressive behavior.
It was a decade tilled with dramatic social, economic and political changes that included MTV, video gaming, the election of Ronald Reagan and glamorization of the financial world and stock market.
This attention to the details of the everyday, though often seemingly leading nowhere, emphasize the mundaneness of the murder to come, and the film studiously avoids glamorization, refusing to allow any pumping of adrenalin.
Topbas said they were working on a glamorization project for the city.
Such progress as has been made has been achieved despite the pervasive glamorization of single parenthood in movies and the media and by single-parent celebrities in the worlds of sports and entertainment.
The glamorization of the drinks business is good for the industry overall--there's a greater appreciation of the drinks craft and more respect for those practicing it, not to mention greater sales--but with it comes bartenders and beverage pros vying to garner headlines with concoctions involving ultraobscure ingredients, large but ill-conceived wine menus and beer lists that describe the available brews in terms that rival the "wine snob" vernacular from days of yore.
There is a welcome absence of combat glamorization that gives the book an aura of integrity.
The website's founder, Terry George, said: "There's been lots of speculation that some of these suicides could be related to the glamorization of people having websites in the event of their suicide.