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  • verb

Synonyms for glamorize

interpret romantically

make glamorous and attractive

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Even if 1-Day did glamorise gun violence, which it certainly does not, I do not think it is the function of the local police to go round saying what films should be shown and which ones shouldn't.
But if this glamorises prostitution to the point where women want to give it a go, then James Nesbitt glamorises handlebar moustaches in Murphy's Law.
A Puma spokesman said only 400 pairs had been distributed worldwide and added: "The limited edition Clyde shoe is by no means intended to glamorise violence, but instead recognises the artistic and historical impact that the groundbreaking Bonnie & Clyde movie had on Hollywood.
We live in a society which has woken up t o the lethal dangers of smoking, but which still glamorises drinking.
WELSH actress Kate Jarman has denied new football movie The Soul Crew glamorises soccer violence.
What do you say to critics who claim Adulthood glamorises knife culture?
Grand Theft Auto IV got unlimited publicity on the television and in the newspapers when it went on sale recently, despite the fact that it is violent, profane, glamorises stealing and objectifies women.
Pete has his problems, but to say he glamorises drugs is totally out of order.
Notorious hard-man Charles Bronson has hit out against a website which glamorises his violent reputation.
It glamorises gun culture to impressionable youngsters when guns are causing mayhem in our community.