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make glamorous and attractive

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I have always been consistent in saying that I am concerned it glamorises gangs and the impact this will have on the people of Birmingham.
Based on the book by former Cardiff City hooligans Tony Rivers and Dave Jones, critics believe it will glamorise violence and damage the Bluebirds' reputation.
Publisher Ladybird is defending 'The Cat Burglar' - a book whose main character is said to glamorise burglary.
with a Midwest regional office in Akron, Ohio, Beacon provides solutions to more than 300 companies across North America including Catalog Ventures/Potpourri Group, Gardener's Supply Company, Redcats USA, Glamorise, Boston Scientific, International Paper, Osram Sylvania, Titleist, Hallmark, Reebok, and General Electric.
Films such as Pretty Woman and TV series such as Diary of a Call Girl try to glamorise what is basically a very seedy, risky sphere of work.
The lyrics of Eminem and Rihanna's Love the Way You Lie, appear to glamorise abusive relationships, when Rihanna is wellknown as a victim of domestic violence.
A spokeswoman for Screen WM said: "Penny Woolcock's 1 Day does not set out to glamorise or simplify a very complex situation but aims to offer an insight into the challenges faced by young people growing up in tough conditions.
BLACK boys need more role models who do not glamorise crime, guns or drugs, according to a report out today.
The watchdog criticised an "underlying tone of violence in the ad" which could be seen to condone or glamorise violence or antisocial behaviour.
A Puma spokesman said only 400 pairs had been distributed worldwide and added: "The limited edition Clyde shoe is by no means intended to glamorise violence, but instead recognises the artistic and historical impact that the groundbreaking Bonnie & Clyde movie had on Hollywood.
SIR - It seems irresponsible of the BBC Wales to glamorise alcohol in its broadcasts before major Welsh sports occasions.
saying it "clearly showed the dangers of using Ethanol and did not glamorise it in any way".
Waterstone's decided to shelve Frank Evans's scheduled appearances at their stores after receiving letters which said the events would glamorise the "cruel, violent spectacle" of bullfighting.
She said: "People who resort to violence will glamorise any violent film.
Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz claimed the high-energy drink "may glamorise drug taking" and condemned the launch of the product this summer.