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Synonyms for gladsome

marked by festal celebration

Words related to gladsome

experiencing or expressing gladness or joy

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O Gladsome Light is a collection of sacred songs, hymns and meditations by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst and his pupil Edmund Rubbra.
As well as songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Trial by Jury, the choir also sang The Lost Chord, composed during the terminal illness of Sullivan's brother Fred; O Gladsome Light, an 1886 choral piece; and The Festival Te Deum.
I was only then Contented when with bliss ineffable I felt the sentiment of being spread O'er all that moves, and all that seemeth still, O'er all that, lost beyond the reach of thought And human knowledge, to the human eye Invisible, yet liveth to the heart, O'er all that leaps, and runs, and shouts, and sings, Or beats the gladsome air, o'er all that glides Beneath the wave, yea, in the wave itself And mighty depth of waters.
Regionalists, their homemade art galleries, ironic picnics, theatre workshops, their gladsome business.
Floats the raven banner o'er us/Round our dragon ship we stand/ Voices joined in gladsome chorus/ Raised aloft the flaming brand/Bonds of brotherhood inherit/O'er strife the curtain draw/Let our actions breathe the spirit of our grand Up Helly Aa.
Chief Justice Mohan Peiris in his judgment inter alia states ; "It is my considered view that the reasoning I have adopted having regard to structure of power sharing accords with the gladsome jurisprudence set out as above by Sharvannda CJ.
Whole parts of gladsome scene were captured by cameramen.
Here's what to do: Wait until everyone is quiet and then say, "Let us with a gladsome mind, praise for the Lord for he is kind.
Faint is the voice that bears gladsome tidings, small the measure of happiness in the world .
The red rose is a gladsome flower, Her thirty years of winter past, The red rose is revived at last;
OVER the weekend in the Scottish Highlands, I heard gladsome tidings that the ginger rodent, aka Treasury Minister Danny Alexander, may be caught in a trap.
with the setting of the sun, "turned to dance and gladsome song,
I love to see the gentle moon, And all the stars, by night, Come twinkling in upon the sky, In gladsome love and light.
The grandfather] heard Clara's gladsome voice, too, as she weeded and watered the flower-bed which had been given her for her own.
And it is certainly befitting of all that is associated with gastronomic, gourmet and gladsome.