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any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus native chiefly to tropical and South Africa having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes of brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers

the large central part of the breastbone

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Cladograma generado a partir de secuencias que codifican para el Factor de elongacion mediante el analisis de Neighbor-joining con 500 repeticiones en bootstrap para 14 aislados de Fusarium, Stromatinia gladioli y Scletorinia sclerotiorum representan grupos externos
The gladioli will be judged just like any other class but we chose them to highlight just much fun and how little effort it takes to grow for show.
Despite their association with the land down under, thanks to the flamboyant Ms Everage, gladioli actually originate from South Africa.
Following floriculture crops are being grown in different areas of Pakistan including roses, tuberoses, gladiolus, marigold, lilium, chrysanthemum (Pattoki/Lahore), roses, gladioli, carnation, day lily etc (Islamabad/Rawalpindi), tulip, lilies, narcissus, gladioli, roses (Balochistan), daffodil, predominantly (Narcissus, Tazeta) (Northern region (mainly area of Swat and Abbottabad).
There's a wealth of choice for both containers and borders, from fragrant lilies and dahlias, to cannas, gladioli, crocosmia and the Californian firecracker, Dichelostemma ida-maia.
Even the most glamorous flowers -- irises and gladioli, for instance -- will benefit from a background (or foreground) of leafy stems.
The Flower-Eater": You arrived with sixteen gladioli / to pay respects to the dead.
Gladioli are preeminent as cut flowers, but as a garden plant the Lily has certain advantages not possessed by the Glads.
Melbourne singing teacher Gary May claims he was struck in the eye by the sharp stem from one of the dozens of gladioli Everage flung into the audience at Melbourne's Princess Theater in April 1999.
Disease-resistant lilies, gladioli, and other cut flowers may be available to commercial growers in a few years.
But amid all the dish are some touching nuggets: his encounter with Eleanor Roosevelt as she was arranging gladioli in her toilet bowl (now there's a metaphor) and his reminiscences of his friendship with Tennessee Williams, in which he gets as close to warming the reader's heart as he's ever going to.
Plant gladioli corms over the coming weeks to ensure continuity of flowering in the summer.
Left: Gladioli judge David Willoughby |casts his eye over the entries.
GLADIOLI are wonderfully oldfashioned but it's easy to see why they keep coming back into style for every new generation.
Glad to move on for a fresh flower start 6 I've planted gladioli but they don't look right.