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any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus native chiefly to tropical and South Africa having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes of brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers

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Tal manejo consiste en focalizar las diferentes alternativas de control de la, plaga,, lo que permite disminuir los danos a, la, flor de gladiola, ademas de reducir los costos de produccion y, por tanto, obtener una, mayor calidad en la, produccion (Demirozer et.
En 2009 el Ballet Teatro del Espacio, creado por Michel Descombey y Gladiola Orozco en 1977, deja de existir.
where Oliver sang in the Calvin Church choir and was a member of the Fraser Valley Beekeepers and the Gladiola Associations.
In fact, many of the rose grower techniques using 'Q-tips', knitting needles, cotton balls, manicure scissors and hair dryers are already used by our own lily and gladiola growers.
After that incident, Maelo asked me if I wanted to go with him and Gladiola to Panama to see the procession of the Black Christ in Portobelo.
Jane White grew up on a small farm in Michigan, working summers pulling weeds for a local gladiola farm.
He also grows a long row of gladiola immediately beside his house.
After the publication of Modern Baptists, Wilcox continued to write critically acclaimed novels, including North Gladiola (1985), Miss Undine's Living Room (1987), Sort of Rich (1989), and Polite Sex (1991); yet his subsequent works attracted far fewer readers.
In addition, two Hizbullah terrorists infiltrated the IDF's Gladiola position, wounding four soldiers, including one seriously.
99, opened up her eyes more and to finish the look Stila Convertible Colour in Gladiola, pounds 17, was applied
When you enter Gill's foyer, you are bombarded with all of the colors of paradise, from the freshly cut gladiola flowers to the colorful art on the walls to the shellacked palm tree that sits in the corner.
The new 55,000-square-foot building will be located at 1550 South Gladiola Street (3400 West).
Martha Jablow has a 9' x 12' garden in Philadelphia where two tomato plants flourish among impatiens, dianthus, gladiola, astilbe, crocosmia, pulmonaria, lavender, autumn joy, and geraniums.
The last five-kilometer stretch is along Sint Annastraat, which is renamed for this one day to Via Gladiola.