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any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus native chiefly to tropical and South Africa having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes of brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers

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Bystanders passed out gladiolas, which were soon festooned in soldiers' rucksacks, belts and battle dress uniforms.
LOWE: I want to ask you about North Gladiola in this regard, which I've told you is my favorite of your books.
In this case, Gladiola High School has “adopted” a Sparrow Club child named Paisley M.
The owners of a long-dormant farm that has been my home's wonderful neighbor for a decade are asking the local planning board to turn former gladiola fields into a 10-lot housing subdivision.
On July 23, 2010, the Day of Cuijk, the victorious participants were greeted with a glorious entry along Via Gladiola.
After completing this grueling march, the contingent marched the streets of Nijmegen for the Victory Parade also called the Via Gladiola for the flowers thrown at the marchers along the way by thousands of spectators.
Years ago summer gardens featured cannas, callas, lilies, gladiola, dahlias and a host of additional summer flowering bulbs.
ONE DAY I ENTER THE ROOM, and a new crystal vase stands on the table with a white flower, a gladiola, standing tall inside.
On a recent trip to the Bi-Mart on Mohawk Boulevard in Springfield, Albert and Marjorie Brunelle bought windshield wipers for their Toyota, plus three rose bushes, gladiola bulbs and boxes of instant scalloped potatoes.
On the float, the notes will be made of gladiola buds, in keeping with the parade's stricture that all external materials be made of plants or flowers.
And so the lilac of her hair and the red sparkle of her glasses served as the inspiration - that and the gladiola, Dame Edna's signature flower.
The heads are detailed in obake anthuriums, bird of paradise blossoms, gladiola florets, stargazer lilies and king protea with accents of kumquats and pearl onions.
The sanctuary of the church was classically decorated with candles and an all-green arrangement of gladiola, Green Goddess calla lilies, Fuji mums, and palm fronds.
Gladiola petals, raffia, chrysanthemums, lentil seed, ground rice, seaweed, kale and cocoa powder adorn the dolls' clothes.
Vows were exchanged before an elegant fresh white gladiola tree interspersed with long white tapers lit by John Edward Blankenship and Murry Bernard Blankenship, Jr.