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(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat

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Helen Love, of Cardiff Speech and Drama, believes the gladiatorial aspect of such competitions is a taste of the real-life "dog-eat-dog" atmosphere of the entertainment world.
Shadrake and her husband run Britannia, a society specializing in the reconstruction and re-enactment of the gladiatorial spectacle.
At the climax, the audience, almost like spectators at a gladiatorial combat, chooses between two alternative endings: reconciliation (the Prodigal Son) or murder (Cain and Abel).
POP diva Beyonce is in gladiatorial mood for her latest TV assignment.
IT'S gladiatorial sport at its best, writes Steve Davies.
There are six gladiatorial game modes: Last Man Rolling, Run the Gauntlet, Pursuit, King of the Hill, Race, and Trick `n Tag.
But when they market the Ashes with all the hype of a gladiatorial battle then what do you expect.
IT MIGHT look like a rock, but to archaeologists it is "the most conclusive proof" yet that gladiatorial games actually took place in Chester's Amphitheatre.
A military re-enactment including a gladiatorial contest is being held at the Roman amphitheatre in Caerleon on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday's meeting at the track will stage not only present-day horseracing but also gladiatorial duels to entertain the 25-30,000 spectators expected to attend the fixture.
Powerful and passionate, the performance oozed a slowly building tension through an orchestral kaleidoscope focusing on a pilgrimage, martyrdom and even gladiatorial vulgarity and climaxing in a riotous melee to depict a tumultuous celebration.
DeathDrome pits up to eight condemned prisoners to gladiatorial battle aboard high-powered futuristic motorcycles.
Scientists showed for the first time that normal and cancerous cells in mammals engage in deadly gladiatorial contests.
Most of all I love the fake cameraderie of celebrities who, despite their protestations, are driven by a gladiatorial desire to be the last man or woman standing.
And that was really a feat of gladiatorial proportions.