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(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat

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Apart from [being great] because I'm hoe, here it feels much more of a commercial show, more spectacular, almost gladiatorial.
According to the archaeologists, the gladiator school was on a scale to rival Rome's The Great Gladiatorial Training School, and was complete with individual cells for the gladiators and a circular training arena, the BBC reported.
The exhibition "Gladiators and the Colosseum - Heroes and Architecture in the Service of the Powerful" opened at Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz with spectacular displays of gladiatorial combat.
After being captured by the Romans, Spartacus is sent into the gladiatorial ring to provide entertainment and forced to kill another slave - who turns out to be his friend.
I booked two front pit tickets a month ago and was very relieved that, for once, I would be seated since an Amphitheatre by definition is "an oval or round construction with tiers of seats around a central open area, as those used in ancient gladiatorial contests.
The Wales centre - whose gladiatorial combat with the giant Mathieu Bastareaud rocked the Stade de France - insists improving Welsh performances will translate into more bodies on the plane to Australia this summer.
The Sky Blues boss believes the stadium will be transformed into a gladiatorial arena as his side attempt to take first blood in the two-legged Johnstone's Paint Trophy area final.
ON a visit to the Royal Armouries museum I was staggered to learn, after watching a mock gladiatorial exhibition, that the thumbs up sign we now see as a sign of approval did, in fact, mean the opposite and the Roman crowd actually wanted the losers dispatched to other places.
Sport is about drama, two contestants going head-to-head in gladiatorial battle.
Yet officials said the find rivals the famous Ludus Magnus - the largest of the gladiatorial training schools in Rome - in its structure.
When Sam learns that his father is also in the same world, but that an evil duplicate has taken control, he is forced to compete in deadly gladiatorial combat.
If you find yourself involved in gladiatorial combat with a big cat, surely your chances of survival have got to be boosted if your opponent is a leopard with laryngitis or a cheetah who's suffered cruciate ligament damage?
Topics discussed include the meaning and impact of spectacle in Roman culture, the circus and chariot racing, Gladiatorial combat, wild animals, and aquatic displays.
Giving a gladiatorial feel to the contest, a crowd of hundreds roared with approval when competitors hit the ground.
The hotel staff can arrange for any guest to go to Rome Gladiatorial School.